"Time to time"- thoughts and projects of curious people

This time, that is no longer suspended, ready to flow again in cities, parks and streets, resumes as slowly as the breath.
Saloon keeps our memory carefully collected every day in search of answers that are now in the flow of normalization. From March 21 to June 21 for 93 days Saloon has daily mapped, shared and stored in this archive 96 projects and cultural practices dedicated to the community and 41 interviews with friends and professionals from different sectors.
Le pratiche dell’arte e della cultura, che non hanno mai cessato di porre domande e segnato un’operosità ininterrotta del pensiero, saranno in grado di Will the art and culture practices, which have never ceased to ask questions and marked an uninterrupted industriousness of thought, be able to change our future?
We learned to familiarize ourselves with social networks and platforms by breaking down the fourth wall as actors, sometimes in role of spectators in a pact in which fiction is accepted and doubt suspended.
Saloon stops in time 00 00 00 00 of the count down but becomes a vital archive, always accessible and part of culture commons, in an echo of continuity and generativity in its vision of ecology in mind and spirit.
Which kind of value do we recognize to culture now?
Which kind of care art attracts and produces in its transversal meaning?
Which kind of beauty reaches our everyday life by regenerating it continuously?

Saloon's challenge remains in the constant recovery of memory, in the recycling of thoughts and projects of curious people in way of experiential teaching, in the regeneration of networks and community relationships that give power to art, beauty, commons and to solidarity collaboration for a good life.











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Saloon Milano thanks all the organizations that contributed to enriching Saloon Milan with their projects and their work and research in cultural and artistic production.