Alexa Tamburrini - May 2020

What will remain of this period?

This unprecedented situation has made clear, more than ever, that never forgetting to do one’s own part is an act of social responsibility, to contribute to create a more sustainable future within a perspective of collective solidarity that, from now on, we shouldn’t put aside any further. Those who work in arts and culture must be at the forefront of imagining what comes next, and they must create the conditions to shape "our tomorrow".

Saloni Paralleli is a project by a group of young professionals from Milan who believe in these values, who believe they have a responsibility to create a collective vision through a new paradigm for cultural projects.

From forced isolation, Saloni Paralleli is starting research projects in the arts, encouraging international transfers of knowledge and skills. Culture must never stop, but it also needs to claim back, for its undisputed value, an active role in reshaping our identity.

How are we building “bridges" from our houses to the outside?

For Saloni Paralleli, starting a dialogue between researchers, theorists and professionals in the field has become a daily objective, to create solid networks between universities, archives, museums and foundations. A virtual meeting to share interests, passions and skills from all over the world.

With the projects designed by Saloni Paralleli, even countries that are fragile in the global market are emerging as new protagonists thanks to their culture. These collaborations aim at developing projects that Saloni Paralleli see as its legacy to the new future, so as not to start from scratch.

Our motto: Think Art. Feel Art. Recreate Art. A new way to design through art. For Saloni Paralleli #artdoesntstop, and neither does its essentiality and the necessity of being present.

Alexa Tamburrini - co-founder of Saloni Paralleli