2020 has placed the sapiens in front of a rebellious reality: by keeping them away from their habits and undermining their certainties of invincibility it has forced them all to reflect upon their role in natural ecosystems. Starting from this feeling of interconnection, ANUMANI tries to lay the foundations of a newfound bond beyond the limits of species. Interiors, developing like landscapes, offer users the opportunity to use their immagination and escape from their usual behavioral patterns. People might find themselves working crouched on the ground like amphibians or suspended in mid-air like birds. Only by experimenting with unusual points of view it will be possible to rediscover what consolidated habits have long hidden.

Category Interior Design

Where Milan, ItalY

Year 2020

Team Claudia Caselli, Elisa Ciliberti, Giulia D'Aleo, Marta Reati, Martina Paggi, Giulia Picasso, Ilaria Vettoretti

Collaborators Anna Anzani, Giulio Capitani, Davide Crippa, Emilio Lonardo, Massimo Schinco, Costanza Trinari