Over seventy artists and a simple yet effective idea: to create an artwork that can be reproduced by everyone in their own homes.
In April 1974, Enzo Mari presented his renewed exhibition Proposta per un’autoprogettazione [Proposal for a self-design] at Galleria Milano, where he offered design drawings and instructions for the creation of furniture intended for creativity of anyone who wanted to try to build them independently at home. An invitation to escape the dominant, large-scale production mechanisms, recovering the manual capacity and autonomy.
The artists involved in the autoprogettazione [self-design] will offer the instructions to create an artwork designed by them to the people at home, with what they have available. Autoprogettazione therefore embodies a double possibility: to create a work independently and, through art, to self(re)design one’s own existence.

Category Visual Arts

Where Online

Year 2020

Team curated by Toni Merola, Nicola Pellegrini, Bianca Trevisan
promoted and supported by Galleria Milano

Collaborators Maria Chiara Salvanelli Press Office & Communication

  • Alessio Larocchi – Piccola casa osmotica

  • Chiara Pergola – Passante Emergency Exit

  • Diego Randazzo – Lanterna Yashica Mat

  • Enzo Umbaca – Folded football paper

  • Louisa Babari – Thinking of your Shapes

  • Luca Vitone – Non siamo mai soli

  • Meri Gorni – Per un tempo casalingo

  • Monica Bonvicini – Legscutout

  • Pierpaolo Lista – Io resto a casa

  • Ugo La Pietra con Lucio La Pietra – La riappropriazione della città. I tuoi itinerari