AVOCADO ROSSO is an exhibition concept that was born from students of Brera for young Italian artists.
We consider a new relationship with physical and virtual spaces fundamental, for this reason the exhibition is a poetic act before a cultural manifestation.
We reconsider the identity of a space through operations and events: we consider fundamental the abolition of the online archive, the need for an internet as a place of exchange. In the physical space is essential to create an exhibition that dialogues with the environment that hosts it. Our website welcomes three different artists monthly with three different exhibitions that will be replaced by others in the following month.

Categoria Visual Arts

Where Milan, Italy

Year 2020

Team Dario Sina, Ginevra Gandolfo, Giulia Guarnaccia, Manuel Esposito, Ilenia Russo, Simone Dalbuono

Collaborators Eleonora Lavagna, Federico Poni