Barnaba Fornasetti - April 2020

The kisses, those I will miss. And the hugs? Also those, in spite of myself, I'll have to do without.
However, I can give up handshakes in general – not to mention the weak and sweaty ones, I'll certainly not miss them. Let them be replaced by a bow – it's less candid, this is true, but it's also respectful! I remember the pain, ouch, of those strong handshakes – speaking so little for the greeting and so much for the character.
I'd also hold onto some of the trips, perhaps the slow ones by train or bike, that I was used to taking, for so long.
Then my garden, with all its colors and fruits – they are always in abundance and I share them gladly.
I'd like to get through this period, and the one after that, with these things, with affection, respect, freedom, and even nature with its infinite decorum.
I'm asking all of us, is this ultimately the time for personal decisions, or rather for listening and thinking in unison?
During this suspended time, I'm reflecting on this global crisis which needs to be faced by all of us together. During this decelerated time, we have the chance to hover over and reflect on our lives. On living, watching over others and respecting our planet.
I'm reflecting on our way of life as well as the ever-increasing, maddening rhythm, the voracious consumption of which not many of us speak.
I'll go on preaching my slow design and, always with greater care and attention, continue to speak of business as a cultural endeavor.
I'll continue to pull myself out of fast rhythms and push myself into seeing companies as microcosms that carry with them history, culture and values, and that bring about meaning.

Barnaba Fornasetti - Art Director of Fornasetti