Every year, Codici Ricerca e Intervento provides two scholarships, 1.500€ each, to support researchers wanting to speak up and claim their space in the public discourse.
Codici has always believed and supported the collaborative and public dimensions of knowledge and resources. At the same time, Codici is aware of the struggle related to speaking up in these hectic times of uncertainty and precariousness. In this sense, Codici aims to actively contribute to foster dialogical relationships between people and groups involved in social research projects.
To achieve this, Codici uses the 5x1000 resources to support the dissemination of research projects that need additional fundings to finish their path and be available to the broader public.

This call for funding is addressed to people or groups working across sectors and around different themes, namely, human and social sciences, visual and performing arts, architecture, photography and video. Codici endorses interdisciplinary and participatory approaches with sensitivity towards diversity and multiplicity.

Category Open call

Where Online

Year 2019-2020

Team Evaluation commission 2020: Laura Boschetti, Francesco Fattori, Martina Marzorati, Camilla Pin Montagnana, Lorenzo Scalchi
Commission other looks 2020: Maria Rimondi, Mauro Danesi, Noura Tafeche
Evaluation commission 2019: Massimo Conte, Guido Belloni, Jacopo Lareno Faccini, Roberta Marzorati, Camilla Pin Montagnana, Andrea Rampini
Commission other looks 2019: Anna Chiara Cimoli, Stefano Laffi, Valeria Verdolini