Claudia Losi - May 2020

What are we learning from this period?

I’m replying you with a letter because I'm in a phase of chasing myself at the moment: I can't put my ideas in order well enough, even though I'm lucky for many reasons since I have the opportunity to be in this dilated time without particular trauma or having to deal with situations of immediate emergency.
But the anxiety persists, it is sneaky. You don't notice it. I suddenly accelerate and decelerate my body and thoughts.
This morning, in the newsletter of the website Medusa, which primarily deals with decent scientific information, I read something that reflected the scale of disorientation in which I find myself.
On August 2, 1914, the day the Germans entered World War I, Franz Kafka wrote in one of his diaries, "Germany declared war on Russia–afternoon: swimming lessons".
It doesn't mean to not react, to not have words... but to be aware that you are inside something so much greater than you that it leaves no room for your own little grammar. To exist in the things that happen (or don't happen) every day. With an urgency even more fierce than before.
To exist in the things that happen and to search for common words at the same time, to equip, with tools that we maybe never imagined we'd use, a shared action. It is an interesting challenge, trying to understand how one could create community in this new context. With a corporeality that will have to be reinvented.
Is that what I'm learning? Perhaps.
But there are so many questions, I'm really not able to build bridges. Perhaps I can only look out of the window for now.
Not forgetting the enormous amount of malaise, the widespread pain that's hatching behind many of those windows.
Not forgetting the hope, in the scope of the idea of a new beginning that rebuilds our vision of our relationship with the land on which we live.
A restart that can lead to opposite paths.

I have always placed the body at the center of my work, being in places and passing through them; creating temporary communities, often through the co-presence of bodies, or that are demanded through a common desire, an incorporeal participation. I have always looked at the natural world as a macro-narrative of which we are a part, which contains us as a complex whole, interrelated in each of its parts. An inseparable part of a whole that gives no pardon.
I would like to continue on this path. Not forgetting the body, the need for presence. And still feel part of a great common narrative.

Claudia Losi - Artist