Claudio Bissoli - June 2020

What are we learning from this time?

We have learned, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say discovered, that there is also more. That space which is unknown to most people, and to which we give the name of consciousness or awareness. How did this encounter go? We should all be asked to answer this question. What have we observed in this phase that has inevitably triggered an introspective process, an intimate bond, that has led us to scrutinize an landscape that is often blurred and below awareness, too busy building ourselves an identity based, above all, on doing, on learning something, on demonstrating something else. Actions always aimed towards the external reality. How is our conscience? What is our consciousness made of? Everything has stopped and we have been asked, not so explicitly but matter of factly, to simply be with ourselves. The mind was accelerating, finding solutions or problems to solve, that's the way it’s built, that's its job. But we had to stay home and it came back to all of us, to some more and to some less, that image, that commercial: Who are we, here and now, in our dwellings, forced to relate to our ephemeral identity? We all had to deal with a new feeling, the not doing. We have, or at least those most fortunate, observed a curious experience that has, always in the most fortunate, perhaps aroused interest and activated a sense of exploration of discovery: what is this astonishment, surprise, happiness, fear, confusion, lightness, disorientation. What do these complex feelings look like, how come they present themselves, what form do they take? So this forced halt, this space of not doing, can become a time for gaining new perspectives, a kind of rebirth or rather a replay, can we observe the things of experience with different lenses? We can learn to get to know and to listen to each other. Well yes, we have done that. We talked to each other and made room for our awareness: a something that knows what is right or wrong, a something that shows us where to go, if we have veered from the path and how to get back on it. Let's not lose touch with this discovery, it is truly revolutionary. It is possible to cultivate this experience and, with trust and patience, to dedicate a part of our lives to meeting each other, as was the case during the lockdown; an extraordinary circumstance but one that showed us a way, an opportunity, a great occasion for each of us to closely observe our own substance. We can observe all of this with a keen and active interest. To observe that which moves within us without necessarily going into hasty action or speech, or impulsive judgement, or doing just for the sake of doing. We can return to our bodies, to the breath that accompanies us. We can slow down and simply observe things and how all these things resonate within us. We can become willing to accept that we are part of something much bigger and more mysterious. The others, the environment, nature, the world. Thanks to the lockdown, it's now up to us.

Claudio Bissoli - Psychotherapist