On Saturday 20th May, a group of artists came together at the Teatro Continuo di Alberto Burri in the heart of Parco Sempione in Milan between 5pm and 8pm with music, art performances, poetry and dance on the open-air stage designed by the artist in 1973 as an open space for meeting and socializing.

A spontaneous action for a return to sociality at a time when it' s necessary to reappropriate public spaces, even if at the appropriate distance.

Category Art

Where Milan, Italy

Year 2020

Team Nicola Di Caprio

Collaborators Milton Fernandez, Angel Galzerano, Sierra Bonnette, Beatrice Sim, Matteo Lamperti, Angelo Contini, Stefano Grasso, Coquelicot Mafille, Davide Rinella, Carlo Dell'Acqua, Valeria Manzi, Ignazio Pacces, Roberto Masotti, Massimo Falascone, Claudio Chianura, Pier Adduce Guignol, Gianni Sansone, Gianluca Codeghini, Enzo Umbaca, Premiata Ditta (Chiarandà-Stuart Tovini).