Second appointment with "Il Salone che non c'è" (The Salon that isn't there), a behind-the-scenes story, sometimes real and sometimes virtual, of "work in progress" projects dedicated to the territory, of the April exhibitions, currently "differently" visitable, and which will be livened up by the presentation of a book on regeneration that will allow us to expand the narrative through augmented reality.

Dark Hours Saints by Ghigos

12 emblematic figures of our times, 12 new daily heroes, 12 contemporary saints of these difficult days Little gifts to send to friends, relatives, acquaintances as thanks for their extra-ordinary job.

Ghigos - Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Mirco Facchinelli

Ghigos Group (www.ghigos.com) was born in 1998. Mission of the group is to create a place for debate and confrontation, characterizing itself through the exchange of knowledge, competences, and information. Since his inception, Ghigos Group has explored new fields of research, pursuing the dissolution of the disciplinary borders like opportunities of critical reflection on project issues.
Ghigos Group’s exhibitions, installations, and projects have been mentioned in national and international competitions, and published on the main Italian magazines.
Ghigos Group become an architectural firm, Studio Ghigos, in 2004. Studio Ghigos maintains and shares mission, vision and interdisciplinary approach of the parent group, handling projects of different scale in various areas: from the exhibit to the graphic, from the design to the architecture: "blinking at" the art.

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Category Design

Where Online

Year 2020

Team Davide Crippa, Barbara Di Prete, Mirco Facchinelli
Credits Photo Mirco Facchinelli