"DIALOGHI" (Dialogues)

Since January 2020 Twenty14 is program curator of Pananti Atelier, gallery space and Milanese headquarters of the historic Florentine auction house Pananti. A project born with the aim of bringing the world of contemporary artistic research in dialogue with the more historic context of the auction house, creating a bridge between different audiences and exploring new synergies.
The format idea “Dialoghi” (Dialogues), come from the need to find new strategies to continue working outside the physical space of the gallery, in accord to the spirit in which Pananti Atelier was conceived.
On @pananti_atelier instagram account you can follow a series of visual conversations, taking place between contemporary artists and artworks part of the Pananti’s auctions. A dialogue between past and present aimed to learn more about artists practice through in-depth contents.

Category Art

Where Instagram

Year 2020

Team Twenty14

Collaborators Casa d’Aste Pananti