Now, stop. In the future, it is said, move forward slowly. Follow the instructions: from left to right and then backwards, it is the same. If you prefer from top to bottom or vice versa. However, do not delude yourself. In reality it is to see near, from afar, the earth keeps spinning in the same direction and us with it, whether we want to or not.

But damn, fireworks in the dark nights, what magic!

From April 6, 2020 on @the_ghost_gallery Instagram page.

Category Arte

Where @the_ghost_gallery Instagram

Year 2020

Team Sydney Airport, Monica Carocci, David Casini, Umberto Chiodi, Sabine Delafon, Alessandro di Giampietro, Daniel Minnik, Marta Pierobon, Flavio Scutti, Sebastiano Sofia, Lorenzo Tamai, Delphine Valli