As many continue to practice social distancing around the world, ICI introduces the relaunch of DO IT (HOME).

DO IT (HOME) –a version of the DO IT exhibition curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and produced by ICI - is a collection of artist instructions that can be followed by anyone around the world. You will respond to the artist's call, follow their lead, enter their world, and realize an artwork on their behalf.

When you're ready to return to the screen, share that you did it! Make connections with other doers on Instagram, #doithome.

This new version of the project is a growing selection of instructions distributed online, and simultaneously through over 30 collaborating venues from within ICI’s international network. It contains existing and newly commissioned contributions by artists, currently available in English and Spanish. DO IT (HOME) will take you away from your screens, and recreate an art experience at home.

Click the link in @curatorsintl Instagram bio to see all the artist's instructions, or visit our website.

Category Art

Where Online

Year 2020

Team ICI