Fabrizio Bellomo - May 2020

What will remain of this period?
What will be remain for me. I can only speak from my own point of view. What remains will be a slow and lengthy process of internal cleansing. A personal change that is bound to coincide with the important changes of the community. For me and for now. For others what remains will correspond to memories of mourning and silent despair. The question should be considered as a perspective.

How are we building “bridges” from our homes to the outside?
Are we building them? Or are we, primarily and more trivially, accelerating the process of atomization of society, which has been going on for decades and perhaps has now reached an epochal branching out? These are my questions as well - those with which I reply to you.

How will we regenerate our sociality and common spaces?
The expression urban regeneration already used to annoy me, so let's imagine that it is still used incorrectly: in recent decades when sociality and common spaces have been 'regenerated' and 'redeveloped', they have often been accompanied by sneaky forms of privatization: they have become usable - mostly - only by certain types of social classes. Can you guess which ones?

How will we intervene to re-establish an equilibrium between man and nature?
By listening to nature and by indulging it in the directions its been pointing to in these months in our absence–nature is tracing out paths, we need only to follow them, which is the most difficult thing to do. To indulge the organic and to not again impose geometric abstractionism–upon which we have laid out the grids that have regulated our contemporary lives.

And finally:
What are we learning from this period?

To move slowly and to enjoy it, after a while it even became pleasant in some respects. However, I can say that what I have learned, what we have learned–I don’t know.

Fabrizio Bellomo - artist