The moment of difficulty leads to a reflection on the ways in which places of art, artists, and the public will have to be different from the past and on the significance of the power of artistic intervention.

The moment of difficulty faced by humanity in the pandemic era has caused, among other things, the closure of museums, which have to question their future and how they can reach people.

I gift you an idea is born not to create a virtual overview of the collections but to create a direct line between the artists, linked to the Art Museum, for children and its big and small users. A method of intervention to explore because it seeks to reach the physicality of the user.

On the museum’s website, a series of windows have been made available in which the ideas of the artists are presented: short videos, recipes, phrases with a call to work, books, readings, a tutorial of the Classics etc. for various target age groups.

A simple, immediate and direct idea that is capable of shifting your gaze.

Art has and always will play a fundamental role in everyday life and in the reconstruction of our present during and after the coronavirus.

The idea that is to be offered must enable one to “fly" high, allowing one to understand that everyday life becomes interesting when it is placed side by side with metaphor, the key needed to cross that threshold which is uncrossable in practice.

Taming the domestic or rendering it wild.

Category Evento

Where Siena, Italy

Year 2020

Team Michela Eremita

Collaborators Museum of the Siena Municipality - Team of Santa Maria della Scala, invited Artists, Public audience for children, teenagers and adults
Credits Photo Michela Eremita, Serena Fineschi, Giuseppina Giordano, Francesco Maluta, Cristina Pancini