ILLUMINA-MI (Illuminate-Mi)

During this stalemate, Repubblica del Design, a district composed of creatives, researchers and startups, wants to respond to this difficult situation by promoting actions which aim to provide a proactive message for the future.
The district, located on the axes Lancetti-Dergano-Bovisa in Milan, was born during the Design Week of 2019 but its activities aimed at territorial regeneration continue throughout the year. The Covid-19 emergency, among other things, rendered public spaces lifeless and put many of the projects launched in order to revitalize public spaces at risk of being compromised.

What could we do in this paralytic scenario?

We tried responding by adapting to this unstable environment by reinforcing our network in order to create a system where we could work together to carry out the actions and rethink the design dynamics in the light of the new facts. This collaborative need, the urgency of which we had already felt for some time, now became more relevant than ever.


A behind-the-scenes story, at times real and other times virtual, of the projects of Work in Progress that are dedicated to the territory and of the exhibition in April which are now “differently” visitable. The story will be brought to life through a book on regeneration which will allow us to expand the narrative via augmented reality.

The first project shared is IlluminaMi.
IlluminaMi uses light as a collective narrative tool for the territory of Dergano and Bovisa. The intention is to create a great nocturnal tale, transforming the streets into social spaces with high ritualistic potential and improving their livability.
The project, winner of the Bando Quartieri 2019 of the 9th Municipality of Milan, was conceived and co-produced by the Associazione Astronove and the Associazione Repubblica del Design.

Category Rigenerazione

Where Milano, Italia

Year 2019-2020

Team Davide Crippa, Sabrina Drigo, Fabio Macchitella, Davide Stanga, Costanza Trinari

Collaborators Ghigos Studio, Massimiliano Cason Villa, Guendalina Galli, Michela Pollini, Chiara Santandrea, Alessia Tacconi, Luca Vallini, Anna Yachaya, Osama Zeima