#iohocuradite it an idea realised by Lorenzo Barbera, Ignazio Mortellaro and Agata Polizzi, it arises from the desire to stimulate re ection on issues such as care, solidarity, love, wealth and poverty, fear and authority, solitude and old age, the sense of community.

#iohocuradite is a project of solidarity which has come into action due to the pressing necessity to provide relief for the poor people that are now in serious trouble with the sudden onset of the Covid-19 emergency. These people do not have access to any type of state aid, as they are invisible to society.

#iohocuradite calls for the support of a selected group of artists who in recent years have passed through Palermo, contributing with their work and leaving a trace on the cultural fabric of the city, they are now invited to contribute, once again, via their art and with their generosity. Thus was born the idea of using the network as a virtual gallery, an exhibition space where you can buy a piece of art offered at a special price, the proceeds will be entirely donated to charity in favour of two voluntary associations* operating in the city of Palermo that the donor can choose from.

#iohocuradite imagines a new beginning through the creation of an abecedario / Spelling-book, a re ection on 26 words for 26 artists, as a declaration of the two great needs of our time, to nd new meanings and help the weakest. A process of dialogue and re ection on the collective experience we are living through, the power of language becomes a tool for comparison but at the same time for resistance. All the works will be visible in the virtual gallery on the @iohocuradite Instagram page and can be purchased via a free offer on a minimum base price.

1 Choose your favourite artwork and email iohocuradite@gmail.com to let us know.
2 Wait for a con rmation email to con rm availability. N.B “First come, rst served” policy will be applied.
3 Once con rmation is received, you can make a donation for the same amount of the cost of the artwork or higher, directly to the association of your preference.
4 Send the bank transfer con rmation to iohocuradite@gmail.com - specifying “Donazione #iohocuradite a sostegno dell’emergenza Covid-19”

Bank Account Charities *IBAN
Gli Angeli della Notte ONLUS Comunità di Sant’Egidio Palermo ONLUS
Banca Don Rizzo Credito Cooperativo della Sicilia
IT 20Q 0894604601000009497105

Comunità di Sant’Egidio Palermo ONLUS
IT 18W 0200816530000102895188

Category Fundraiser

Where Instagram

Year 2020

Team Lorenzo Barbera, Ignazio Mortellaro, Agata Polizzi

Collaborators With the friends: Valentina Bruschi, Paolo Falcone, Beatrice Merz, Francesco Pantaleone, Giorgio Persano, Mara Sartore
Productions assistant: Giulia Monroy
Press Office: Lightbox
On behalf of: Comunità di Sant’Egidio Palermo Onlus Gli Angeli della Notte Onlus