Luca Molinari - April 2020

"The study has been empty for almost four weeks, except for my presence, the natural light, the songs of the birds, the rustle of magnolia leaves in front of my desk and the sound of sirens.
The five girls of the study work remotely thanks to a server we installed last year, which helps us to process the works that are surviving in this new viral and glacial age.
Then there are Skype directs, online meetings, teams… all the devices through which we open to the world ad share work and information. It’s a time of research and experimentation: we’re working on possible futures, and in the meantime, we started an Instagram account where we are conducting two well-appreciated weekly discussions involving designers, writers, philosophers, and artists, and where every night we post a book suggested by one member of our staff. Connection test with the world. Curatorship test, our job.
I’ve no idea of what will remain of this time, other than the ruins around us we’re already counting. A sense of slowing down, that feels like a relief, for sure. The attention for places and details too quickly resolved before, as well as a growing desire to reveal and to listen more; but also, a regret for travels and real confrontations, that are now missing and have always inspired my research. It’s too early also to understand what we will become next. Probably, after a first liberating phase of euphory, subtle fears and wounds bottled up inside us will be released.
My hope is that all of this, all this pain surrounding us, didn’t happen in vain. That’s my only hope/certainty".

Luca Molinari - Architect, Architecture curator, full Professor in Theory and Design, Department of Architecture and Industrial Design "Luigi Vanvitelli"