MANÙS is a tabloid created by Maura Banfo, Annalisa Cattani, Susanna Ravelli; is an nomadic editorial space designed as performative action and in-progress collective work, where words act as biding force for the development of shared and critical thinking. Is an ongoing editorial project that started as n° 0 from an artistic installation of "Fragile Objects", created during Turin Nexst Festival in November 2019, that had involved independent spaces, artists, curators and free-thinkers who were asked to answer on experiences and artistic practices on the topic of “fragility”, due to empathy or familiarity.

Issue number #0 is dedicated to an Elogio della Fragilità (Praise of Fragility).

Currently, the editorial staff is carrying on discussions and confrontations on social networks, where the staff will post several images and "strilloni" (flash news displayed daily by newsstands), which are an expression of the physical concept of Fragility, published as “ipse dixit”, introducing them as open questions and dialogue with the readers.

Category Visual and performing arts

Where Tabloid

Year 2019

Team Maura Banfo, Annalisa Cattani, Susanna Ravelli

Collaborators Accademia Albertina di Torino, Nesxt Independent Art Network - Trasloco Torino-Marsiglia, Studio Anchora srl (graphic project), That’s Contemporary (comunication), Gianluca Gramolazzi, Annalisa Pascai Saiu, Mario Piazza, Luca Mazzali

Credits photo Maura Banfo, Susanna Ravelli