Marco Bay - April 2020

What will remain of this present time? What will remain of this dimension of reality which we are forced with, but which has made us understand that not everything can be preordained and that each of us is responsible for the well-being of the community?

It will be a lesson, like others, in limiting our life to the essential and not surrounding ourselves with all the useless frills that we had before.

How are we building "bridges" from the inside to the outside of our homes?

For the moment they are virtual bridges, cause of political fragility.

How will we regenerate our sociality and common spaces?

With restorative urban landscapes, or contemporary nature museums ruled by gardeners.

What will we do to restore a balance between man and nature?

In teaching children at school the secrets of nature and then technology.

What are we learning from this period?

A silence that concerns the whole world.

Stefano Mirti e Andrea Quartarone - Landscape architect