Today, more than ever, we are living our spaces in a way that’s very much different from the past. We are literally stuck home. These past days I’ve been reading a lot about the concept of “living” and how we need to rethink our approach to it. That’s why, objects and furnitures that we interact with daily are starting to show their different possible uses. Spaces change, as we live them differently: our home has now become the place where we engage in all of our activities and has suddendly incorporated the office, the gym, the restaurant etc. In this perspective the objects that sourround us should have more than one function.


1. Think about and Design a furnishing accessory inscribed in a cubic meter (linear dimensions may vary, however the sum must not excede the given limit) that can fulfill more than two purposes... think big, more functions in less space.

2. No Limits in Material choice, however remeber that Secondome is a design Gallery focused on handcrafted production Made in Italy, so the object must carry a surplus value.

3. No Render, design, however you prefer, something that describes the object, we’ll figure out technical design and problem solving later on.


The idea of launching this Open Call comes from the need of describing, in our own way this period we are living. A time almost suspendes, full of limitations. I’d love for this to become a tale, in our words, of these weeks: I’m producing objects together with You, I’ve always loved to exchance ideas, opinions and know-how with designers, artisans, curators, journalists and whoever gravitates around the design world. The designs will be published in a book that will carry a testimony of this tale and this time.
We also intend to produce the most innovative 5 projects and include them in the Secondome collection, 5 limited editions to be defined (I’ve always thought that objects have their own intrinsecal limitation), payed to the designer with a 10% royalty upon sale.
The conclusion of this project will be an exhibition where we’ll show ALL the designs, the 5 objects and the book.

Here all the info to participate in the open call.

Category Design

Where Online

Year 2020

Team Galleria Secondome