The “Museo d’Emergenza” is an initiative that was born in Modena in response to the lockdown. It is a site-specific installation that wants to contribute to the reflection on the definition of place and on the relationship between subject and object of art in a period where everything has been reduced to its own digital synthesis.
During the first phase of the project, a museum was created using the unused billboards as a support for the reproductions of the paintings; by tracing a red perimeter we wanted to define a safe space of fruition, the symbolic act of transformation of a place.
In the second phase, the instagram interface of the @museodemergenza page was brought back to the physical space, translating the user's virtual movements into physical movements.
Physical and virtual space interpenetrate each other creating a visual short circuit and generating dialogue windows between reality and digital space. The prerogative of this gesture was to translate the user's virtual movements into physical movements: from social to sociality.

Category Visual Arts

Where Instagram

Year 2020

Team Collettivo d'Emergenza