Lots of games, but not only...

24 projects created by NABA students from the Product Design course to entertain children and their families during the lockdown period.

They remember the do-it-yourself games of the past, but of old they have nothing because they require fantasy and a lot of desire to do. The necessary material is easily recoverable at home, cardboard, caps, salt paste, balloons, but then the game must be built!

Have a good time.

Category Product Design

Where Online

Year 2020

Team NABA - Course of Product Design - Davide Crippa

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#5 Quarantine Spinning Top - Martina Locatelli

A small gift for grandparents, a gift of joy and carefreeness. I made spinning tops, from a cork and a wooden stick, that could transport my grandparents to the past, to their childhood, when they used to play with them for entire afternoons.

#6 Looking for new tastes - Alessia Rulfi

A board game, consisting of a map, cards indicating various ingredients along with some trivia related to cocktails and spirits, pawns with graphics of types of glass to be linked to cocktails or spirits. The aim is to learn small bits of information and the origin of various spirits.

#9 ART ATTACK DELLA QUARANTENA (Art attack of the quarantine) - Martina Tasca

A game created to entertain children aged 6 to 10 years during boring spells. Draw, cut, color, glue, make a hole... a series of actions that lead to the construction of an amusing pinball machine, of some sort, made out of recycled materials.

#10 Il tuo teatrino (Your little theatre) - Jioele Salvatori

The project aims to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children through the construction of a small theater and two puppets, which anyone can customize according to their tastes, to play with and invent stories.