Lots of games, but not only...

24 projects created by NABA students from the Product Design course to entertain children and their families during the lockdown period.

They remember the do-it-yourself games of the past, but of old they have nothing because they require fantasy and a lot of desire to do. The necessary material is easily recoverable at home, cardboard, caps, salt paste, balloons, but then the game must be built!

Have a good time.

Category Product Design

Where Online

Year 2020

Team NABA - Course of Product Design - Davide Crippa

Collaborators promoted by Saloon Milano

#1 SterminaGERMI - Luca Torregrossa

It seems to be the perfect time to teach children about germs and hand washing, hence the name of the game. It's about getting rid of those bad germs that are hurting us.

#2 Creat your game - Michela Soragni

Creat your Game in itself is easy but takes time, so children can enjoy both building it and playing. So, in addition to winning the game, which involves aiming at targets, children can express their creativity right from the moment of building it. A game that involves the entire family and where the materials needed are easy to find at home.

#3 Quarantena Memory - Cecilia Sapuppo

You need: a pencil, sheets of paper and some creativity.
How to prepare the memory: draw geometric shapes on pieces of paper. Create pockets, always using sheets of paper, to hold the shapes at the end of the game. Then place the pieces of paper with the drawing inside on a flat surface and start playing!

#4 Fiches per poker - Sabrina Piras

Poker chips created out of a modeling clay that can be easily made with ingredients found in the kitchen; simple and quick to produce.