Pandemic Alphabet is in fact a collective writing project of a vocabulary of texts and images for the post pandemic, a vocabulary that serves in the present and looks to the future.

As the call on the homepage says: "Having the words, afterwards, will mean having new tools of reading the real, new imaginaries and new actions. It serves not to forget this effervescence of thought these days, not to lose intuitions, visions, to hold them tight and be ready to affirm radical positions. It serves to not go back without changing."

From the site of the project you can participate by describing your word with a text or image, you can read or observe the words of others, you can be moved, smile and think and you can feel part of a bigger thing that belongs to everyone, that language serves this purpose, to give collective shape to the world, especially when we no longer understand it.

Category Partecipatory Arts

Where Milan, Italy

Year 2020

Team Lo Stato dei Luoghi

Credits Photo Licenza Creative Commons