The project collects in a quartine (in typography, a sheet folded to form two papers, that is, four pages in in-folio format, corresponding to a quartine signature), 4 contents, in black and white, by 4 authors: text, drawing, photography, graphics/typography, called to reflect on an always different topics. The quartine comes out every 4th of the month and is printed in only 4 copies which are sent, by ordinary mail, to 4 other subjects in the world of art and culture.
The digital version (pdf) of the quartine is transmitted on the web and disclosed so that it can be downloaded and printed by anyone.

On June 4, 2020 quartino #0 was released with the 4 facades occupied by Davide Silvioli, Rita Casdia, Flavia Rossi, Enrico Gisana on the topic Contradictions. Quartino #1 will be released on July 4th with the theme Construction.

Category Visual Art

Where Online

Year 2020

Team conceived and conducted by Giuseppe Mendolia Calella and Balloon Project

Collaboratori with the support of Laura Cantale