The project was born in early March, at the beginning of the virus crown quarantine.

Suddenly I could no longer see my friends and above all I no longer met my mother, with whom I worked side by side every day in my atelier, where I produced ceramic objects for the table, cups and in particular dishes for cakes.
Suddenly I could no longer go to my studio, I could no longer cook my ceramics in the oven. During last weeks I observed that many friends made beautiful cakes, much more than usual. I too would have started making and baking cakes that I had never made. Even if it may seem incredible, I had never had time to make cakes, I was only familiar with an oven that went to quite other temperatures (ceramic cooks at 960 ° C).
Almost by chance I wrote the rice cake recipe dictated on the phone by my mother in a notebook, I made it and then I photographed it using my ceramic plates and the written pages of that notebook "- Mariavera Chiari tells about her initiative of shared recipes, prepared and tasted together with the many people who started following her on IG and offering her to cook other cakes.

The publication of this recipe, text and images, sparked a dialogue with remote tasting.

“For a few moments there was this connection of gestures and taste that made me feel together with the others. A moment of shared daily happiness”.

Mariavera Chiari will collect, prepare and write as in a a shared diary an everyday recipe until the end of the quarantine.
The collection will be edited in a book intended to support scientific and medical research.

Category Visual Arts

Where Online

Year 2020

Team Mariavera Chiari

Credits Photo Mariavera Chiari