Sketchmob #iorestoacasa is a series of collaborative drawing events adapted to the emergency situation we are now living. The Sketchmobs we are usually organizing are itinerant events in which hand drawing aficionados gather in a special place and draw together. Given the gravity of the present situation and joining the “stay at home” movement we still draw together but remaining inside our homes. This is why we invite architects, designers, illustrators, students or just people who like to draw, to illustrate a fragment of their own house or whatever can be seen from the window. During the 2 hours session we ask the participants to publish in real time on our facebook page not only drawings but also a photo from their homes.

The first appointment took place on-line on the 21/03/2020 from 16:00 to 18:00 CET. The dates of the following appointments will be shortly posted on our social channels. All drawings can be seen on the Facebook event Hashtags: #iorestoacasa #sketchmobitalia.

Category Arti visive

Where Milan, Italy

Year 2020

Team Stefan Davidovici, Marco Muscogiuri, Matteo Schubert, Irina Suteu

Collaborators Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti Milano, Genova, Brescia, Vicenza

Credits photo Noa Davidovici, Stefan Davidovici, Samanthakhan Tihsler