STAY SAFE. Stories from the Archives

Based on an idea developed by Ilaria Bignotti in collaboration with the Archivio Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Milan

Edited by Ilaria Bignotti

Using visual material, words and thoughts in general, the project will consist of short stories about artists’ archives , recounted directly by their curators, heirs and artists these will be published at weekly intervals so as to help the art community and the public at large to find words, images, documents and food for thought on the value of time and memory in this period of waiting and reflection that is indisputably changing the way we relate to our fellow human beings and their lives.

The prestigious institution of the GNAM-National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome has joined the project with its historical Funds, scientifically directed by Claudia Palma and with over twenty artists archives.

Skira publisher
has joined the #STAYSAFE project by publishing the images, documents and phrases from the Artists Archives in its social channels.

Category Archives

Where Online

Year 2020

Team Idea by: Ilaria Bignotti, Anastasia Rouchota, Archivio Antonio Scaccabarozzi (Milan)
Curated by: Ilaria Bignotti

Collaborators Co-curated by: Claudia Palma, Fondi storici, GNAM-National Gallery of Modern Art (Rome)
Social Media Manager: Cinzia Carlino, Skira