The project #TalkingToTheUniverse by artist Sophie Usunier feels like a game, as often happens in the world of art. Sophie invites us to transform our words into light, and the houses we live into displays open to the street.

It doesn’t take much: a lamp and Morse code.

Light, which embodies a natural power of communication, is the medium through which people’s voices silently take shape.

Sophie Usunier encourages us to take part in the conversation.

#TalkingToTheUniverse invites us to reflect on the current time and historical moment, which began in March 2020 as the world found itself facing a pandemic for which the only known cure is human isolation. A moment of impasse, where the world needs itself confined at home. Physical, spatial, social, and emotional confinement..

“Morse code is an ante litteram form of digital communication. However, unlike modern binary codes that use only two states (commonly represented with 0 and 1), Morse code uses ve: dot (•), dash (—), short interval (between dots and dashes that form the same letter), medium interval (between letters) and long interval (between words).” [Ref: Wikipedia.]

A dash is equal to three dots (leave the light on while counting 3 dots). The interval within a single letter is one dot. The interval between each letter is 3 dots. The space between two words is 7 dots.

#TalkingToTheUniverse is a game for all the family, which can be shared with neighbours or the people living opposite; it is an opportunity to socialize, have fun and reconnect with the outside world, our neighbours, passers-by, and family members.

All you need is a lamp and the international Morse code alphabet.

When night falls, the lights turn on to talk, sing, or silently and magically share the words of others.

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Category Art

Where Online

Year 2020

Team C41 Magazine

Collaborators Art Manager: Rossana Ciocca
Project Supporter: Flos
Music: Pianologues