Fourth appointment with "Il Salone che non c'è" (The Salon that isn't there), a behind-the-scenes story, sometimes real and sometimes virtual, of "work in progress" projects dedicated to the territory, of the April exhibitions, currently "differently" visitable, and which will be livened up by the presentation of a book on regeneration that will allow us to expand the narrative through augmented reality.
In these difficult times we will focus in particular on three of the nine keywords of the Republic of Design: #social #regeneration #interaction

Ultrapiazza is the second part of a project born during Design Week 2019 with the collaboration of the students of Politecnico di Milano, later reunited under the name of Repubblica del Design. The association aims to transform the city into a narrative tool for the storytelling of themes related to the territory through graphic and lighting interventions on the theme of "Urbanistica della Gentilezza" (Urban Politeness), carried out during a program of workshops organized in collaboration with local associations.

Category Regeneration

Where Milan, Italy

Year 2019-2020

Team project by Ghigos ideas

Collaborators Piazze Aperte - Comune di Milano
promoted by BovisAttiva and Repubblica del Design
realized by Arexons and IDEAS Bit Factory