Viaggi da camera (Room Voyages) is the new online project of Fondazione Nicola Trussardi website and social media. "Viaggi da camera" gathers and shares daily images, videos and writings, selected by artists invited to talk about their own private domestic space. A new contribution is published every day on the website and the social channels.

Inspired by the famous eighteenth-century novel of Xavier De Maistre "Voyage Around My Room" – written during a mandatory stay of 42 days in a room in Turin – "Viaggi da camera" invites the artists to open the doors of their real and imaginary rooms.

In these moments of home lockdown, "Viaggi da camera" encourages to embark on new journeys inside the walls of our rooms, trying to discover new maps of the imagination and new avenues of escapism.

Category Photography

Where Online

Year 2020

Team Nicola Trussardi Foundation