During the surreal time of the global pandemic and the temporary closure of our spaces, we have asked ourselves: what is the new definition of community? How to create and enhance our social fabric, if this is momentarily deprived of its places of aggregation? What is left is a new concept of “scattered neighborhood”, which closeness is determined based on sense rather than meters.
Like a traditional Milanese "ringhiera" house, many neighbors overlook a shared courtyard. A bit amphitheater, a bit parliament, the gathering space of this scattered neighborhood is a metaphorical plaza for the community to meet, learn and tell new stories every day.
We wanted to get to know our neighbors better, people with whom we have built projects in the past or with whom we would like to imagine a new future. Until we could meet face to face again, we have used a virtual courtyard: our Instagram channel @base_milano, where in each episode a different neighbor takes over and shares their vision, projects, life through the stories.
The project will continue during the summer and maybe will take new shapes in the future.

Category Format social storytelling

Where Instagram

Year 2020

Team BASE Milano: communication team

Collaborators Emiliano Ponzi, Pietro Corraini, Sara Ricciardi, Livia Satriano, CESURA, La Rivoluzione delle Seppie, Parole O_Stili, Studio Cromie, Laura Baiardini, Ciccio Rigoli (SLAM), Libri Finti Clandestini, Guerrilla Spam, Cartacarbone, Stefano Cipolla, Matteo Riva, Mariangela Savoia